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We are a PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) school where every student is expected to be respectful, responsible and inclusive in the way they interact with each other, our staff and the wider community.  

Statement of Purpose

We will use Positive Behaviour for Learning to create a positive whole school environment that promotes student learning and social success by having

  •  clearly understood expectations of behaviour
  •  positive reinforcement
  •  strong systems and practices for staff and students 

Congratulations to the following students who have obtained their Rangi Badges 

Olivia Affleck

Courtney Arthur

Liam Arthur

Jackson Beauchamp

Luci Butler

Olivia Butler

Madison Calder

Natalie Candy

Hannah Conway-Steel

Arna Criglington

George Davies

Roy Devereux

Cody Diamond

Eden Jones

Charlotte Jory

Hollie Kelly

Jackson Kelly

Tessa Kelly

Ethan May

Piper McDougall

Emily McElrea

Zach McKenzie

Terryn Miller

Braydon Mills

Kerran Pilgrim

Zane Purser

Taine Rarere

Ben Rea

Ashleigh Reihana

Grace Richardson

Brea Sim

Nicholas Stark

Georgia Thomson

Shannaliese Tiepa-Phillipson

Amy Tomsett

Cindy Weller

Tamara Weller

Susan Whyte

Mackenzie Woodrow

Emma Bridson

Alex Davison

Tom Hancox