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Student Information

For Staff and Students

Accessing the Internet
To access the Internet, you put in your usual Internet Access username. For a student it is firstnamesurname.

From Wednesday 13 February we will be using Education Hub.

You will be given a password for the Internet at Form Time. You need to change this password using this link as soon as you can.

(link to change password).


Please note this area will look very much like our old Internet Service Provider, but we have changed!

You may be directed to change the proxy settings. A teacher will give you a handout.
Email - Microsoft 365
You will also be given a username and a temporary password. This could be in form time or some time when you are accessing computers. After you have initially logged on and changed your password – please bookmark the site (Mac computers) or add to the favourites bar (Windows machines).
Email can always be accessed by the MyMail button on the website – at school or at home.

For the older Mac computers the link is here