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Staff Directory

Teaching staff for 2013 and their main subject areas

Principal: Mrs L Cavanagh-Monaghan
Deputy Principal: Mr P Davies, (Economics)
Assistant Principal: Mr G Moody, (Geography, Social Studies)
Guidance Counsellor: Mr J Erridge, (Technology)


Miss L Blake (Science, Biology, Chemistry, Junior Maths)
Mrs V Crawford, (Junior English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Art, Drama)
Mrs K Green, Supported Learning Co-ordinator, Librarian (Youth Achievement Scheme, Junior Art)
Miss S Green HOD Science (Science, Chemistry, Biology)
Mr E Hutchison, (Science, Physics)
Mrs C Livingston (Food Technology, Fabrics-Juniors, Maori)
Miss H Mackie HOD Mathematics (Mathematics)
Mrs G McHutchon, Director of International Students
Mrs L Murray Dean of years 7 & 8 (Junior Maths, English, Social Studies and Senior Agriculture)
Mrs E O’Sullivan, (English)
Miss A Pennicott, HOD Physical Education & Health
Mr R. Pretorius, (Materials Technology, Design and Visual Communication-Graphics)
Mrs K Roughan, HOD Technology (Digital Technologies)
Ms R Smith, HOD English, (English)
Mr M Venz, NCEA Administration (Mathematics)
Mrs J Venz, Distance Education, Gateway
Miss L Waples, (Junior Maths, English PE, Music, Maori)
Ms N Wright, HOD Social Studies, (History and Economics)
Mrs L Young, Specialist Classroom Teacher, (Junior English, Junior ICT, Social Studies and Spanish)

Other Staff Students/parents may have contact with:

Mrs B Hanna, School & Principal's Secretary
Mrs R Collins, Board Secretary & Executive Officer

Mrs K Green Librarian
Mrs J van Woerden Laboratory Technician
Mrs L Marwick Teacher Aide
Mrs A McKee Teacher Aide
Ms G McLay Teacher Aide
Mrs S Stark Sports Co-ordinator
Mrs D Isteed Gateway Teacher Aide

Mr M Adams Caretaker
Mr F Masters Grounds Assistant
Mr J. Somerville Gardener
Mrs U. Adams, Cleaner
Mrs S. Atencia Vidal, Cleaner
Mrs J. James, Cleaner
Mrs H. Kirk, Cleaner
Mr D. Oliver Cleaner