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Latest ERO Report

Blue Mountain College 28/08/2019

Our ERO report has now been confirmed and can be viewed in its entirety on their website. While there are always things for us to work on and improve, the overall tone of the report is very positive indeed. We have pulled out some of the highlights from it below.



What are the important features of this school that have an impact on student learning?
Priority is given to ensuring that the size and location of the school does not impact on students’ ability to participate in a wide variety of learning experiences. This includes an emphasis on promoting students’ wider-world view.

The school has a positive culture. Respectful relationships are a strong feature across the school. Students are supportive of each other. Junior students appreciate the help of older students as they settle into the school. Students and their families are well known to staff. Teachers have clear expectations for learning and behaviour. The school’s values are evident in practice across the school. The school has a close and valued relationship with the local community. Students benefit from the effective use of local expertise and resources.

Most students have high levels of success in and beyond the school. This links well to the school’s vision statement. Many students are heavily involved in a number of sporting, cultural and service activities. The large number of students reaching Gold Duke of Edinburgh awards is testimony to student’s perseverance and the high levels of staff and community support they receive. A large number of senior students stay on at school until the end of Year 13.

How well are students learning – engaging, progressing and achieving?

ERO observed multiple examples of teaching that effectively motivated and engaged students in their learning.

Overall, most students are achieving very well and making good progress in relation to students nationally.  Information in relation to National Standards indicates the majority of Year 7 and 8 students were at or above the standard at the end of 2011. The progress and achievement of these students in writing was a strength. The achievement of senior students in NCEA is comparable or significantly better than similar schools nationally. Almost all senior students leave with formal qualifications.

Students are well monitored and supported in their learning and achievement. Those students with specific needs are identified early and given additional support tailored to promote their progress. There are well-managed processes to coordinate the work of deans, teachers and teacher aides. The school also makes effective use of external agencies and support.

All senior students ERO spoke to appreciated the high quality of the monitoring, guidance and information they receive from the senior dean. The process is flexible, student or teacher driven, and seamlessly mixes pastoral and academic support. Consequently students are highly engaged in their learning and are successful. The quality of these processes is likely to contribute to the very high number of students remaining and succeeding at the school until the end of Year 13.

How effectively does this school’s curriculum promote and support student learning?

The school’s curriculum effectively promotes and supports student learning.

Senior students have a wide range of curriculum choices. This includes courses that link well with individual student interests and the local environment, for example the recently reintroduced agriculture course. The school’s curriculum is flexible and responsive to learning opportunities for students. A comprehensive, school-wide careers education programme is contributing to student’s success within and beyond school. .

Support Systems – students benefit from a wide range of effective support systems. For example:
•    Senior students are closely monitored and mentored
•    Teacher aides are will used for tailored/targeted assistance
•    There is good communication between pastoral and guidance staff
•    Specific help is on-going for students participating in e-learning
•    Students are well supported as they transition into, within and beyond the school

The school very effectively promotes Maori student success and success of Maori.

Maori students are successful academically and culturally. Results for Maori students in NCEA at the end of 2011 were significantly better than for Maori students nationally. Achievement of all Maori students is closely monitored and supported where necessary. Maori students ERO spoke to appreciate the active support they receive from the Principal and Staff in all aspects of their school life

Provision for International Students.

The school offers international students a variety of interesting opportunities to become involved in school life and the life of the local community. Key staff know the students well and provide appropriate pastoral care. The school has some creative ways of catering for student’s needs and interests.

How well placed is the school to sustain and improve its performance?

The school is very well placed to sustain and improve its performance. There are many factors that contribute to this conclusion.

Students benefit from the school’s extensive and effective use of external agencies and expertise. They appreciate the strength of school systems to look after them, both academically and pastorally. The high levels of student success, including success for Maori students, and the depth of community support and other strengths identified in this report underpin the confidence expressed in this section of the report.

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